Height Safety & Access Systems

Design, supply, installation and certification of height safety and access systems.

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Tailored height safety solutions

MAINsafety specialises in the design, supply and installation, testing, inspection and certification of height safety and access systems across South Australia.

Our highly skilled team is backed by decades of experience, offering industry leading service and advice. As industry experts, we ensure that each solution is tailored to suit your needs and requirements for a safe and compliant working at heights environment.

Through our routine testing, inspection and maintenance program, we work to keep you and your people safe at heights.

Two HVAC technicians provide bespoke commercial HVAC solutions across South Australia

Consulting and Auditing

More than just height safety compliance

Understanding your height safety and access system requirements is a must. MAINsafety conducts detailed height safety audits of your working environment for a comprehensive safety report. This enables us to provide you with a tailored, practical solution to ensure a safe and compliant height safety and access system.
More than just height safety compliance - we offer ongoing auditing, inspection and certification to provide you with confidence in your height safety access systems.


Specific height safety solutions

There is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to the design of height safety and access systems.

MAINsafety will collaborate with your building management team to review access requirements, provide risk assessments, hazard reports, current control measures, and compliance standards to design best practice safety solutions.

Our team knows how to get the approach right, from the beginning.

Two HVAC technicians provide bespoke commercial HVAC solutions across South Australia
Two HVAC technicians provide bespoke commercial HVAC solutions across South Australia


Supplying industry leading products to keep you safe at heights.

MAINsafety is a proud installer of market leading height safety and access equipment. The MAINsafety team is made-up of experienced, local installers who work to ensure that every height safety and access system is installed to the highest standard.

Testing, Inspection and Maintenance

Long-term prevention and management of risks.

Australian Standards mandate the periodic inspection of fall prevention equipment. The frequency of inspection and certification can vary.

At MAINsafety, our height safety equipment inspectors provide comprehensive testing, inspection, maintenance and certification, allowing you to continue your work with the knowledge that you are working in a safe environment.

Two HVAC technicians provide bespoke commercial HVAC solutions across South Australia

Ben James

Managing Director
Two HVAC technicians provide bespoke commercial HVAC solutions across South Australia

Ben James leads the team at MainSafety, an accomplished height safety management professional with over two decades of experience in working at heights. Ben has a significant body of experience delivering and maintaining height safety and access systems for large national property owners, facilities managers, construction companies and government organisations. A recognised leader in the height safety industry, Ben aspires to deliver best practices when providing height safety management to our clients.

Simon Rigby

Project Coordinator
Two HVAC technicians provide bespoke commercial HVAC solutions across South Australia

Simon is an accomplished height safety access systems supervisor specialising in the inspection, audit and installation of roof safety equipment.

He has been involved in a number of significant Australian roof access projects, from conception to construction. Simon brings passion and a deep understanding of the needs of clients to the MAINsafety team as Project Coordinator.

A wealth of experience, working with complex and simple environments

With a bespoke approach to every project, our team has a wealth of experience in complex, large-scale environments as well as smaller, individual projects. We recognise the diverse requirements of our clients, which is why we have the necessary accreditations and certifications to do the job.

MAINsafety can provide expert tailored height safety and access systems to Government facilities, hospitals, and large and small industrial and commercial properties.

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No matter the size of your project, our technicians work closely with you at every stage, from design to installation to continued maintenance, ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

We proudly work with these suppliers

Our team works with trustworthy and reliable suppliers so that you can work from heights with confidence.

What is a height safety and access system?

A height safety and access system refers to the methods tailored to ensure that employees are safely working at heights. This involves a specific assessment of the work environment, compliance and inspection, and the installation and maintenance of roof access equipment.

What kind of hazards exist whilst working at heights?

There are a number of hazards that workers are exposed to when working at heights. The identification and reduction of hazards can save your workers from serious injury, or even death. These include slips, trips and falls, fragile roof surfaces, overbalancing or losing grip on slanted surfaces, and weather conditions such as strong winds, rain, snow and fog.

When do roof access systems need to be used?

MAINsafety recommends that any work environment that exposes workers to a risk of falls has the appropriate roof access systems in place.

What equipment is used to prevent falls in the workplace?

We proudly install and supply marketing leading height safety and access equipment. The types and amount of equipment supplied will depend on the needs of your working environment. We fit and supply:
- Guardrails
- Skylight protectors
- Static lines
- Anchors
- Davit arms
- Rigid rails
- Anchor points
- Davit arms

What is assessed during audits and inspections?

Our audits and inspections are comprehensive and cover all your regulatory needs.

An audit consists of:
- The determining of access requirements and access frequency
- Determining if the current system is fit for purpose
- The creation of an asset register
- Specialised risk assessment
- A report consisting of non-compliance and risk rating
- An inspection of each individual height safety system asset for compliance, and
- A personalised system layout plan.

How often does my roof safety system need to be inspected? Who can inspect it?

Roof safety systems are required to be inspected as per manufacturers requirements and Australian standards, the frequency of inspections can vary dependant on the type of system.

Inspections to be undertaken by an accredited and competent height safety equipment inspector.


Fall prevention is high stakes. Our reputation has been built on decades of industry experience and specialised knowledge, providing you with the comfort of knowing you're in safe hands.

With MAINsafety, you'll work closely with an expert, accredited team to keep your people safe at heights.

For a tailored roof safety access system, speak to the team at MAINsafety

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